The role of PhD student associations

PhD student associations allow students from different doctoral schools to meet and mingle. They also allow doctoral students to build a professional network straddling various fields of activity.


Associations of PhD students in Management and economic sciences

Association of PhD students in economics

PROJET (Rennes)

Promotion des Jeunes Économistes en Thèse : Association des doctorants de la Faculté des Sciences Économiques


Association of PhD students in management

IGR-SIGMA (Rennes)


Doctoral student associations in all fields



  • Site of RENNES - Association Nicomaque

Founded on April 3, 2002, Nicomaque (named after Aristotle's father) enables doctoral students and young doctors in Brittany to pool their human, financial and technical resources to organize major projects: Forum Docteurs & Entreprises, Sciences en Cour[t]s, Pint of Science, as well as social events, science popularization activities, dialogue with local academic and institutional leaders...

Contact contactatnicomaque [dot] fr

Associations of CIFRE doctoral students

The ADCIFRESHS association brings together CIFRE doctoral students working on their theses in the social sciences and humanities.