Individual Monitoring Committee

Role of the Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI)

The individual training monitoring committee ensures that the doctoral student's course of study runs smoothly. It also prevents any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment.

It meets with the doctoral student at least once a year (including the 1st year) to evaluate the conditions of the training and the progress of the doctoral student's research. It makes recommendations and gives a detailed opinion on re-enrolment.

Composition of the CSI

Each PhD student is followed by the individual monitoring committee, composed of at least two people not involved in the thesis and appointed at the time of registration by the director of the doctoral school on the proposal of the research unit.

The members of the committee do not participate in the direction of the doctoral student's work.

  • At least 2 persons for the duration of the thesis 
  • At least one member of the CSI must be HDR
  • At least one of the members of the CSI must be external to the laboratory, to the institution where the student is registered, and to the doctoral school
  • At least one of the members must be from a CNU section different from the one of the thesis director


2023 campaign

All the informations for the CSI campaign for 2023 are available here.