Open Science

The Open Science movement aims to build an ecosystem in which science will be more cumulative, more strongly supported by data, more transparent, faster and universally accessible.

Passport for Open Science

The Passport for Open Science is a guide designed to help doctoral students at each step of their research career, regardless of their field of study. It proposes a series of good practices and tools that can be directly implemented.

Thematic booklets :

Series of five videos “Passport: An introduction to Open Science”.

This serie provides a fun and educational way to discover the world of open science and its related issues. The various contents of the Passport are thus supported by new testimonials from young researchers in the following five episodes:

  • What is open science?
  • Open resources to discover
  • Data management and the research data life cycle
  • The thesis in open access
  • The disseminating of scientific work in open access

These resources, produced by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, were created by the Committee for Open Science and the University of Lille. They are available in French and English, with subtitles, on the channel of the Committee for Open Science .