Pursuing a doctorate degree

Definition of the doctorate

The doctorate is based upon a unique and instructive research project, which must enable the PhD student to become an international expert within his/her chosen scientific specialization. 
The doctorate constitutes a professional research experience leading to the obtention of an internationally recognized university degree of the highest level. Doctoral studies commonly last 3 years (or up to 6 years max), during which time the student carries out research work on a specific subject. PhD students pursue their research under the supervision of a Thesis Supervisor (HDR accredited research director). 
At the end of their studies, PhD students must successfully defend their thesis in order to earn their doctoral degree. 

Admission conditions

To be able to pursue doctoral studies, candidate PhD students must :

  •     have validated their Master's degree (or benefit from a Master's exemption)
  •     have a funding

Thesis offers

If you do not yet have funding, funded thesis topics are offered through specific campaigns.

Please note that calls for applications for this type of subject are made between March and July of each year

Thesis offers are proposed through Amethis.

Theses funded by the candidate

If you have funding (salaried contract, grant, etc.), here are the steps to follow:

- find a thesis director who is a member of a research unit attached to the doctoral school

- submit your file to the EDGE thesis commission. (ed-edgeatdoctorat-bretagne [dot] fr)

This file must contain the following documents

  •     CV
  •     thesis project
  •     Master 2 marks
  •     your funding conditions
  •     the reasoned opinion of the future thesis director


These funded with CIFRE

If you are applying for CIFRE funding

More information on CIFRE funding and the conditions of granting are on the ANRT website.

To evaluate your application and obtain the letter of acceptance from the doctoral school, the application must be submitted to your future affiliation site:

    Rennes site : ed-edge [dot] rennesatdoctorat-bretagne [dot] fr
    Brest site : : ed-edge [dot] brestatdoctorat-bretagne [dot] fr
    Vannes-Lorient site : druid [dot] pole-doctoralatuniv-ubs [dot] fr

This file must contain the following documents :

  •     CV
  •     thesis project
  •     marks of Master 2
  •     the reasoned opinion of the thesis director accepting to supervise you