Training courses

The doctoral school and the College doctoral de Bretagne offer several types of courses that aim to deepen the formation of the doctoral student and to prepare him/her for his/her career after the thesis.

The doctoral school and the College doctoral de Bretagne offer several types of cross-disciplinary or discipline-specific training.

Doctoral students must follow around 100 hours of training or equivalent during their doctorate. This training must include :

  •  60 hours of disciplinary training in economics and/or management sciences

==> EDGE courses chosen from the EDGE-Bretagne or EDGE-Pays de Loire training catalogue or equivalent

==> 10-hour MOOC + participation in a training-action course: more information on the Collège Doctoral de Bretagne website

The Individual Training Plan (PFI), defined at the beginning of the program, allows the doctoral student to define the training courses to be followed.

Training in research ethics and scientific integrity must also be completed.

Disciplinary training in economics or management science

EDGE doctoral students must take about 60 hours of disciplinary training in economics and management sciences.

Registration is done directly on Amethis by connecting to your institution as a student.

(filter the organizing service on "EDGE", the training code starts with ST-EDGE- Expertise and scientific and technical methods)

The 2023-2024 catalogue is available on Amethis.

It is also possible to follow the training courses of the EDGE-Pays de Loire doctoral school.

Cross-disciplinary training

Cross-disciplinary training is offered by the College doctoral de Bretagne.

These are opening training courses: management, ethics, preparation for a career... The beginning of the training code indicates its field.

    FDI Training for international doctoral students
    DDRS Sustainable development and social responsibility
    ENS Pedagogy and Teaching Practice
    ENTPR Knowledge of entrepreneurship
    ETH Ethics and scientific integrity
    MGT Management and communication
    PP Professional Projection
    SO Open Science and Scientific and Technical Information

Registrations are done through Amethis

Research ethics and scientific integrity training

The decree of May 25, 2016 governing doctoral education specifies that doctoral schools "ensure that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics and scientific integrity."

Training on this topic is offered by the College doctoral.

It is also possible to train via MOOCs recognized by the HCERES.


Numerous other activities can also be credited: teaching assignments, trips abroad, conference presentations, etc.

To have these activities validated by the doctoral school, an equivalence request must be made on Amethis. (see tutorial in downloadable documents ).

Please note that the grid has been re-evaluated for activities carried out after September 1, 2023.

Eligible activities

Equivalent hours from September 1, 2023

Doctoral courses, professional training or language courses

  • all types of open courses for PhD students

Number of hours attended

20h for the MOOC in research ethics and scientific integrity

Publication of an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal HCERES

30h per paper 

Participation in a national or international conference/workshop WITH presentation of a paper or poster

15 h per paper or poster

Maximum of 30 h

Participation in a thematic school or summer/winter school initiated by the doctoral student and/or his/her laboratory

School organized under the supervision of a French or foreign higher education or public research institute

10 h per school

Maximum of 30 h

Presentation of work at doctoral seminars (team seminars, workshops, etc.).

10h per seminar

Maximum of 30h

Participation at the Doctoriales

40 h

Doctoral internship abroad or international mobility

15h per month

Maximum of 6 months


0,5 h validé per hour of teaching

Maximum of 30 h

Commitment (representative on ED council, laboratory council, research commission, responsibility in a doctoral student association)

10h per year

Maximum of 30h

Scientific mediation activity >1 day


Maximum of 30h

Employee /CIFRE

40 hours of exemption over the duration of the thesis